Friday, 16 November 2012

Creating a space

Well I am back and I have been busy!  Back at my last post I had my arm in plaster for a clinical scaphoid fracture.  Hated it!  The plaster made me incredibly claustrophobic, two weeks in I went to the doctor and begged them to find another way.  Where upon I was very reluctantly fitted with a splint but only because the ManChild had his own accident.  He was playing hockey and got smacked in the face with a ball causing two fractures to his cheek.

Eventually my x rays came back clear.  The MC is still having visits to the cranio facial dept but all is good.

We purchased a sleepout for the MC which was built during these shenanigans.  He's all moved into his fully lined, carpeted and painted room.  He's thrilled.  It's very cosy, he has a locking door and more space than he's ever had.

As a consequence his old room became errr vacant!  But not for long.

It is now an office for the Hubs and I.

This is my side.  Organised with a desk and shelves.  I have all my wool stash and photography stuff tidy and accessible.

I'm currently working on a blanket which is a little boring so when the mood takes me, I create some little things.

I have an old chair in the shed that belonged to my great grandmother that I am thinking of rejuvenating to add some character to my bedroom.

Lots and lots on the agenda with Christmas fast approaching though.  The MC has finished school and is on study leave for exams.

The WG had a marimba recital, then a choral concert at the town hall.  This is her last year at primary so they are preparing for their graduation assembly.  I have to buy a uniform for her for intermediate.

It's busy time!