Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I've been busy making hats for children this week.  It's another fab way to bust that stash. Yes it's all about hats here at the nook.

It all started with the cream hat in my previous post.  Made for a friends daughter who is about 7 months old.

Then I moved on to this blue ear flap hat which was surprisingly easy.  Jack who is 4 should suit this one nicely.  It's not overly decorative, but seems like the kind of hat a little boy might wear happily on a frosty morning to go to kindy.

This pattern was as easy to knock up as it looked, all trebles with the forward and backward around the post to create the ribbed look on the last three rows.

Then I decided to adapt the pattern for granny clusters...

That cream yarn is left over from the hobo bag and I still have more to use.

Withe the exception of the first hat with the flower and the adaptation I got the patterns here.  There are sizes from newborn to toddler.

With the granny adaptation I used this pattern for the crown then moved into granny clusters until I felt the hat was long enough.  Then I crocheted a row of tr (dc US) and instead of ribbing the flap I kept it flat so that it would show better.

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