Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jacob's Blanket

I've just finished a blanket for my Great Nephew Jacob.  It's a granny ripple like the one I made for my Grandmother before she died.

I think it looks pretty good.  I love the Granny Ripple, it's very simple yet very effective as a pattern and most importantly it grows at a very satisfying rate!

The pattern is very easy, if you can do a Granny Stripe and you know how to do a treble crochet (uk) decrease, you can do this.

Unlike the one I did for my Grandmother, this one has straight sides, I didn't do the modification that creates points on all sides.  Much easier to tuck him in with when the nights get cooler.

If they ever do!  It was announced today that Northland is suffering from a drought, I think we've known it for some time now.  There hasn't been any rain this month bar a light drizzle a couple of weeks ago for a few hours and there's no rain forecast till mid March at the earliest.

It's very hot, 27-30 degrees Celsius most days and dipping to the mid to low 20s in the evenings.  I've spent the better part of this week without my husband due to bush fires too.

This photo is a fire on Dept of Conservation land at Tapora.  I was with my husband when the call came in and ended up along for the ride, luckily we had been out taking night shots, so I had my camera with me.  It gave me something to do as well as keeping out of the way.

It's still burning as I write and my husband is at another large fire on the opposite coast between Warkworth and Matakana.

Spare a thought for the Fire Fighters during this dry season.  It's hot and dry everywhere, living in Auckland we are more used to rain and fire is not generally a big hazard, at the moment though? Well we have a fire ban for a reason.  Don't light fires, use solid fuel (wood/charcoal) bbq's, light fireworks or drop a match or cigarette butt.  Fire is scary destructive and we don't want someone getting hurt due to someone elses stupidity!


  1. That blanket is just beautiful. Well done. Hope you're managing to keep cool in all this heat!

  2. I am just about comfortable most days with the fans and aircon in the living room. How about you?