Saturday, 24 March 2012

Getting Organized on the domestic front

I am now officially on Annual Leave although I worked till 7am this morning.  I had quite a lot of leave accrued, so I'm taking April off!

I gave the monochrome "Ombre Basket" to a friend at work who has been hinting that she'd like some of my work, she adores it.  It's nice to have your work appreciated.  I started another last night before work and I have nearly finished it this evening.

A search through the racks at Spotlight turned up a nice charcoal grey although you can't really see it in that photo, a pewter grey and a silver.  I'll take a better one when I've finished and hopefully in better light.

The WG has been wanting more soup with the weather being so nasty so after dinner tonight I made another leek, potato and bacon soup.  Seeing as the two litres I made last time was devoured in one afternoon, I got out the big gun, my 5 litre stock pot and made double the quantity.  My taste testers did their thing as it cooled to be divided up into containers, they had a bowl each and said it was very tasty.  Lets hope I can get it to the freezer this time!

I didn't just mash this batch like I did the last, I blended it with my stick blender so it's thick and warming, I also had time to skim it.  Blending also ensures the potato freezes ok.  When it's heated, we'll stir some cream through it and voila, hot fresh soup.  The kids will be able to take it to school next term in their flasks, or have it after a cold, rainy hockey practice after school to warm them up.

I have a bacon bone in the freezer that I will use to make up some vegetable soup as well with barley, split peas and fresh vegetables like pumpkin, celery, kumara (sweet potato), carrots and parsnip.

While I am on holiday I plan to put some meals in the freezer.  It will help the Hubs out on evenings that I work.  Part of my drive to be better organized.

Tomorrow we have the Wee Girl's school gala, then I will do some baking to fill up the tins for the last week of school.  I plan to make brownies and some cupcakes.

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