Monday, 20 February 2012

A busy week

It's been an awfully busy week this week.  Because of my trip to Wellington on what should have been my days off, I feel as if I haven't had a weekend.

Work itself has been hectic, it's our busiest time of year. I haven't had a great deal of time for myself.

The Wee Girl has a birthday party coming up, the theme is a come as your favorite pop star, karaoke party.  She wanted to go as Taylor Swift, easy right? Then she made enquiries amongst her gaggle of giggly girlfriends and Mum EVERYONE is going as Taylor! Now what?  Hannah Montana? Nooooo Mum she's so ugh! Katy Perry? No wait she's known for her skimpy outfits and hmm NO! (That's my veto) Ummm Brooke Fraser? We'll need to think on this!  Any ideas from people out in Blogland?

I've been working on a couple of Attic 24 bags because working with wool for the blanket makes me far too warm at the moment.

I've made one in the same cotton/acrylic mix I used for the wee girls headbands.  I plan to line it and that is holding me up on finishing.

I have been making a second bag using my leftover stash of Milford 2 ply crochet cotton.

Initially I had thought using the same stitch numbers would create a slightly smaller bag that would fit inside the other as a lining.  At this point though I think I misjudged slightly the size of the hook and this second bag is turning out a lot smaller than I had anticipated.  But we shall see.

The smaller bag is taking a lot longer, simply because  the hook side is very small and therefore it isn't growing very quickly.

I'm using a 2mm hook with the 2 ply cotton, I used a 3mm hook for the cotton/acrylic 4 ply mix.

I love these bags and Lucy's basic patten allows me to experiment with different wools and cottons.  The milford cotton is about the thickness of two strands of embroidery cotton and is used for making table clothes and doilies.  It has a lovely pearly sheen and it looks lovely all crocheted up.

The Wee Girl says her pencil case is the envy of all the little girls in her class, her headbands and bracelets are also much admired.  Which is flattering news.

I will have to get my a into g and make her a couple in school colors to go with her hockey uniform.  Next year she starts at intermediate and will be wearing school uniform for the first time so I intend to make her a selection of hair bands and pony tail clips in blue and gold to go with her uniform.

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