Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This post comes to you

While I am sleeping! I'm trying out the magic of the schedule function.  I am actually on a nightshift or have just finished one, taken the Wee Girl to school and am sleeping.  So this post will be something of an introduction to me.

Here I am, that's me on the left having just got ready to go to work one night so I was looking quite respectable.  At the moment my hair is a little longer and the highlights that blend my white (yes white, I skipped grey went directly to white) hair into my naturally ash blonde hair have grown out somewhat.  It's going to be a while before I can throw away money on haircuts and colors because we are saving for a trip to Australia in September to attend my younger brother's wedding.

I'm 44, which seems awfully old in years, I only ever feel 44 when I wake up first thing in the morning.  I have been married for 16 years 362 days to my wonderful husband (our anniversary is coming up).  We have two pretty decent children.

The Man Child is 15 going on 16.  He's doing well at school and taking NCEA this year, he wants to become an electrical engineer.  He's very good really for a 15 yr old young man but terribly frustrating at times.  He and his father have begun to butt heads a little as the MC makes efforts to establish himself.  It's pretty normal, having had 3 brothers I'm not overly perturbed by the whole boy turns to man thing.  The husband on the other hand finds it incredibly stressful.

That's the only recent picture I currently have of the MC, taken accidentally while I was trying to take a proper picture of him on my iPhone and he was objecting.  I think it turned out rather well though and he doesn't know I got it.  I'm apparently banned from taking his pic.

The Wee Girl is 10, in her very last year at Primary school.  So far this year she's joined Ukelele, Mirimba and Recorder instrument clubs, she's in charge of the PE shed on Wednesdays and as such gets to climb onto the roof and fetch balls down for smaller children with the special ladder.  She is a mediator which means she helps other children sort out their playground issues, she's also a librarian. In short if there's a club, a movement or a cause, she'll join it.  Later in the year she'll be playing field hockey for her school as well.

That's the WG walking with her older cousin at a community emergency services day last year.  I'm banned from photographing her too unless she's feeling very indulgent.

The husband? what can I say? He's patient, indulgent, loving and sometimes the most frustrating person in my life.  I love him to bits.  That's us 16 years ago, before the white hair, before the MC and the WG, on a stinking hot February day, under the shade of a tree.  The Hubs isn't hugely tall, just under 6 feet in fact.  I am just small, just touching 5 feet in my heels that day. They were only small heels because I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking that day lol.

The hubs is in Emergency Management, which means he plans for disaster, he administers the local rural fire brigades and civil defense teams.  Which means if there's a disaster, he's out the door lights and sirens, to attend and to manage it.  He was deployed to Christchurch twice and actually went 3 times, once to retrieve a vehicle left down there for use of another team.

I work for the Police in a civilian role so we are quite the duo covering all sides of emergencies.  Chances are if there is a disaster (as with Christchurch) we are both involved in one way or another.

My home life is fairly placid.  Working shifts makes it difficult in some ways, child care in the days before the MC turned 14 and could legally care for his sister was a nightmare at times.  I can't come home at 10pm and vacuum, I'd wake everyone up so housework tends to get done in regular clumps instead of daily.  I don't have regular routines as such and I'm quite prone to procrastination.  Nobody is perfect though.  I love photography and own a canon dslr with a variety of lenses.  I crochet, knit and cross stitch.

We have 2 dogs and a geriatric cat.  Cass (the cat) was a birthday gift from the Hubs the year we first started going out, 1993 I think it was.

So that's me or rather us.  I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me better.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all that. Wonderful! And how clever are you! I didn't even know you could schedule posts. That's good news! Belinda