Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sites that helped me

I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorite crochet resources.  Links from my favorites folder that I use to help decipher patterns and for inspiration.

Crochet Basics:

Here you will find a handy printable pdf download of basic crochet stitches.  
This is a chart of crochet hook comparisons.
A guide to sizes for basic crochet projects can be found here.
This is a UK/US stitch conversion chart.

I also have a wonderful book called the A-Z of crochet that my husband got me from Spotlight (a local craft store chain in Australia and NZ)

I've found all the above sites very useful, my memory can be quite shocking when it comes to working out what stitch I am meant to be doing so I keep them handy to refresh myself.  I also learn better with a combination of text and images rather than videos.

I'm also dreadful at keeping count, math was never a strong suit for me and it's got worse over the years.  You will often find me unpicking, restarting and using a few salty terms when my darling husband dares to inquire what's wrong.

Lucy from Attic24 is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.  Her stitch work is so pretty, neat and tidy as it is and she is so clever.

Kate from Greedy for colour is another.  Her crochet bike just makes me want to go for a ride in the country and have a picnic!  Best of all she's from NZ like me so her materials are locally sourced, I know I can easily find them.

Aunty Mum is another huge favorite.  I'm loving her square challenge and I will eventually get around to doing a similar project.  She is also a Kiwi, so again I know I can find the materials she writes about.

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