Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sneak Peak

As I mentioned I am a little behind.  Today was full on and didn't give me the time I thought I would have.  I should have known.  First of all today was our wedding anniversary, second it was the day of the Karaoke/Come as your fav popstar party the WG was attending.

My morning was spent as hair, make up and wardrobe.  Last night I braided a layer of the WG's hair and created long pin curls while it was wet.  About lunch time I was removing braids and pins of varying degrees, which textured her hair with waves, ripples and straight bits to create the "funky" look she wanted.  The make up was way grown up and gave her father palpitations but it was still not as full on as I would wear for a night on the town, just some smokey eyes just like Brooke Fraser wears and a touch of lippy.  The wardrobe was jeans, a long tank top and a lacy rockstar jacket and books.

We added a pair of dangly earrings, a tambourine necklace on a leather thong and the WG's acoustic guitar as accessories.

She looks every inch the rockstar but in a wholesome kind of way in my opinion.  Natural hair, no skin in sight.  I wish there were more rock chicks like her!

I got some rows done while the party was going on, but after we picked up the WG, I was whisked out to an anniversary dinner and a drive about town.  Just like we used to back in the day!

We went down Queen St, around the bays and back again.  Stopped for a mocha and home about 10:30pm.  I think we broke curfew because the Man Child was baby sitting and didn't look impressed when we rolled in.  Oh well!

Anyway.... Moving right along!

Can you work out what I am making? It starts off with a flat circle.  But wait....

There's more!

Granny stitch?

Yes!  It's the Lucy inspired Granny bucket bag!

I'm just a few rows away from finishing the body, then I'll be making the handles and assembling it.

I'm seeing it lined with pretty fabric ultimately but I should have the basic pattern worked to show you very soon.  Providing everything falls into place and does as I want it to do in the household tomorrow.


  1. Was so worth the wait . . . it looks fabulous and the colours are glorious. Well done you!

  2. Thanks. I severely under estimated the time I'm afraid. It was going so well while everyone was at work/school. Such is life I guess. Family takes precedence :)