Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fire and stuff

I happened to be out an about with the hubs yesterday about 1pm when the pager went off.

The hubs covers a vast area of West and North Auckland when on call, the rural fire district can also be quite isolated.  Which is how we ended up at Matakana.  Luckily (well not really we plan it this way) the kids were at home and are old enough to look after themselves.

All I had to do was keep out of the way and not bother anyone, luckily I carry my camera around with me at all times and a couple of lenses.  We arrived at the scene of what was described as a scrub fire on a hill side around 2pm and got home after 8pm.

I had my telephoto lens and I am used to keeping out of the way and quiet.  Learned it going to work with my Dad as a nipper.

I just wished I'd had my crochet with me as well as my camera.  Anyway, that was my Easter Sunday!

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