Friday, 27 April 2012

What a week

I've been wrestling demons this week, trying to give up smoking and failing.  I had a bad reaction to Zyban 3 days into not smoking at all so it's off that stuff and trying another.  All in all I haven't felt like doing much of anything so it's a good thing that I planned this for my holiday.

A friend asked me to crochet her some hats for her baby girl.

This is my first effort, trouble is I have no idea how big a baby head is these days.  My kids had exceptionally large heads anyway but it's been a decade since I had a child under one year old full-time so I have lost my ability to estimate the right size.  I can guesstimate for a 10 year old though!

1 comment:

  1. The hat looks gorgeous. Just make sure it's a bit longer than you think it should be would be the only advice I could give. I always under estimate how long it needs to be to cover the ears. Baby's going to look lovely in this.