Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Update to Easter Prep...

Buying Easter eggs was time consuming, look at the choices I am confronted with! And that is just the top of the aisle!

After much wandering I settled on a medium sized dark chocolate hollow egg with chocolate strawberries inside, a marshmallow egg and a small hollow milk chocolate egg for each child.  With the bag of marshmallow eggs they each got from my parents my two will have enough chocolate to last them until the school holidays are over.

Then down to the supermarket for hot cross buns. Now I was always taught that the reason we had hot cross buns on Good Friday was that in days gone by, when bread was baked in the home daily, it was a sin to bake on Good Friday and so these small buns were made the day before and were toasted (because they were baked a day prior) on Good Friday morning to feed the family.  I don't know that that is true, it's just what I was told when I took cooking at school and we made hot cross buns.

I had just over an hour before picking up the WG and her friend from school.  I was thinking about eggs and egg cozies and that is what I came up with.

I've got to play with it some more, I'm not over keen on the scalloped edge, I also need to make a boy version.  Considering I made it in an hour  I am relatively pleased with it.  I'll make a couple more, sort out the stitch count and put up a tutorial.  I wish I'd thought of it before the gala, they'd have been awesome on the home craft stall.

The only eggs I have at the moment are grade 6 so it's a little large for the egg on purpose.  It fits well otherwise and was a simple little project.

I'd really like to do one with the Wee Girls name on it.

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