Friday, 6 April 2012

Lazy Good Friday

I slept in till 9am this morning, when I got up leaving the hubs in bed to take advantage of the holiday, the Wee Girl was already well awake and watching TV.

We sat for a while watching the Disney channel in companionable silence while I had a cuppa and finished another rabbit.

When the boys got up I toasted up the hot cross buns and made more coffee.  Everyone munched happily.

I wish I could say that we went to church and did good things but we didn't.  We just blobbed out chatting and watching movies.  The hubs bbq'd bacon and eggs for lunch because we have a lot of bacon and eggs left over from last weekend.  The bacon will keep but I brought back a couple of trays of 30 eggs that I will have to use over the next couple of weeks.

This afternoon sick of making rabbits, I grabbed a ball of red wool and made a hat.  I found this pattern on Pintrest but a lot of the comments indicated it wasn't going to turn out as pictured.  So I played with it.

I used a 4.5mm hook and double knit.

I started off following the pattern as written until I got to the bit where you stop increasing.  I did 3 rows instead of 2.

Then I only did 2 rows of decrease.

The 5 rows of sc.

Finally for a pretty edge I crocheted a row of crab stitch.

It's turned out too small for the WG and too big for her dolly.  I will give it to a friend who has two little girls.  I'll try a bigger hook and make another for the WG.

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