Sunday, 22 January 2012


New cotton!  I found it yesterday at Spotlight while I was meant to be sorting out some new drapes for the wee girls room, it's new the Moda Vera Gelato range, a 50/50 mix of acrylic and cotton. I got myself 6 balls to play with.

It doesn't give a weight but seems to suit a 3mm hook or at least somewhere in that region.

I first thought I would make a lovely bright pencil case for the wee girl to start the school year with.  Something personal, useful and nobody could ever mistake her pencil case for their own.

Of course there's far too much there for one little pencil case and I needed to see how it worked up, more on that soon!

After visiting Spotlight, we went to a wondrous place called Geoff's Emporium!

Geoff's has been around for as long as I can recall and you can find just about anything there!  Crafting goods, hardware, art supplies... it's endless!  Soooo much to find there!  I will be going back and soon!

I got a metre of rhinestones to make some more bracelets, at $11 it was a little expensive but I can use it to accent so many things!

I found this little rhinestone heart buckle for $2 that is just perfect for this bracelet.  All I had to do was thread it on.

The husband purchased himself some cup hooks and mooched around the hardware while I flittered around looking at zips suitable for pencil cases and all the sparkly things!  I was in emporium heaven!

Home after a nice mocha, I settled down to play with my new toys.

The end product at this point is a headband!  Photo quality not so wonderful as I just snapped a shot with my phone to show you all and I haven't quite finished weaving in etc yet.

It's simple enough and I made it up as I went along.  I'm going to write what I did roughly but I will have to make another to make a proper pattern.

The front of the band:

Chain 61 stitches
Crochet 12 rows of single crochet (I changed colors every two rows) fasten off.
A row of single crochet to edge it and fasten off.

Then to make the back part that will go down behind the ears:

Right side facing you, crochet 12 trebles onto the end and turn.
Chain 3 for the first treble then crochet two trebles together to decrease to the end and turn.
chain 3 for the first treble* then crochet two trebles together and turn.
chain 3 for the first treble* then two trebles together once, treble to the end.  You should have 5 stitches by this row.
turn and chain 3 then 4 trebles, continue this until you have sufficient length.  Fasten off.

Repeat the above on the other end of the colour band.

Join both ends of the completed band together either sew or crochet together (I crocheted).  I crocheted the 5 trebles fairly loosely to give it some stretch as the cotton itself is quite firm.

And that's the basics.  On my days off I shall create another and make a proper tutorial for it.  By then I will have my wee girl back and will be able to include photos on "the model".

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