Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back to work

My parents called the other night and asked if they could keep the children for another week.  At that stage they'd only been there 2 days.  We agreed they could stay, even though I will be missing having them here on my birthday.

They are having awesome fun with their cousins and grandparents on the farm.  My wee girl finally has a girl cousin to keep her company, there are only 4 girls out of 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild, one is nearly 17 so not great fun for a 10 year old, more an object of worship than a playmate.  The one girl cousin she has lives in Australia with my brother and his family.  This is the first time my great niece has gone to stay and she's just 10 months younger than the wg.  It's a match made in heaven.  Good news on the horizon is my brother is marrying his girlfriend this year and she brings two more little girls to the family to even up the male/female balance.

The hubs and I have been kicking around the house when we aren't working.  On our last day off together we went in to town to explore the Wynyard Quarter.  It's a new part of downtown Auckland, along the water front.  There's cafe's galore, a play ground and sea steps down to the harbor, very family friendly.  Just across the viaduct bridge you have the pre existing party central, night clubs, pricy restaurants etc. It was the place to be during the Rugby World Cup.

I haven't had much opportunity to crochet this week.  I am still working on the top and am just about to finish the second ball of bamboo cotton.  It's wonderfully soft and cool.  I'm about halfway up the back.  I shall post some more photos soon.  With the children away it's a wonderful opportunity for me to move things around and do some uninterrupted deep cleaning.

Meanwhile I have a very quiet home and I am looking forward to whatever surprise the hubs has in store for me on my birthday, he's taken the day off and I am on my rostered days off.

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