Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bracelet Tutorial

It takes me about an hour to make up one of these bracelets.  It's child sized, but you could easily make it adult sized by making a foundation chain large enough to fit your wrist and add a chain for turning.

I think it would be fab for a stall at a school or craft fair, you can turn them out fairly quickly if you know your crochet basics.

You will need:

Crochet cotton,  two colors. I am using 2 ply Milford Satin and the bracelet is about 8mm wide.

Crochet hook size 1.9 mm or 2mm if you prefer.

Strung beads.  I got a 2 metre string for $4 and I've made 3 of this kind of bracelet with plenty left over for more.  See picture.

A tapestry needle

A button

Chain 51

Row 2
start at the second chain from the end, double crochet to the end.

Row 3
Slip stitch to the end.

Chain 6 to 8 stitches to fit your button and join with a slip stitch to create your button loop on the end of the bracelet and tie off.

I hope that makes sense, I'm getting a kick out of my sparkly shatter nail polish in the loop picture LOL.

Ok back to business, now you need to weave in the ends and make it all tidy so that you can add the beads and button.

Thread the needle with your other colour.

Cut a length of bead to fit the bracelet leaving room at the opposite end to the loop for your button.

Line up your bead string in the centre of the bracelet on the right side.

Bring your needle up from the underneath (wrong side) of the bracelet and sew over the string in the space between the beads.  I only needed one stitch, you may need more if your beads are further apart.

Carry on to the end and secure on the wrong side.

Sew the button on the end.

et voila! One perfectly formed bracelet.

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