Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back to school at last

This weekend signified the end of the summer holidays.  One last weekend to prepare for the buying of stationery, ironing of uniforms, finding of p.e gear and polishing of shoes for the man child.  For the wee girl it was all about choosing first day clothes and hair styles.

The man child started year 11 (known as fifth form in my day) Tuesday.  The wee girl started her last year of Primary school as a year 6 today.

I'm working so the husband has the week off to get everyone back to reality.  The wee girl is thrilled to bits with her hairbands and ties.  I have been playing with african flower hexagons.

I have made a dozen or so out of the gelato acrylic/cotton mix so far.  I'm not sure yet where that is going.

I've also been inspired by Lucy from Attic 24 again.  She's crocheting covers for her trash.  

I recently came across a rather beautifully shaped iced tea glass bottle and on pintrest a tutorial for cutting glass using string and nail polish remover.  A friend drinks the iced tea and is saving the bottles for me.

When the children are back at school properly and the husband is back at work. I have some plans in mind to up cycle my own trash.

My mind is exploding with different ideas for this straight sided bottle!

I'm still working on my top and my blue and white china inspired granny stripe.  I'm finding as the weather alternates between almost chilly of an evening or stinking hot during the day, having a variety of projects means I can do whatever suits.  Chilly evenings see the blanket grow, quiet times see me working on the top and hot days mean more flowers.

Days off are coming up and a trip to Wellington for work looms in the not too distant future.

Today however, is housework day!  I have a nightshift to work tonight, and this day is always the big clean up prior to days off.  This year I am trying to be organized!  I want to divest us of a lot of the clutter we have and hopefully start turning the jungle outdoors into a garden over the autumn/winter months that will explode into beauty next spring!

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