Saturday, 14 January 2012

A visit to the craft store

The children are still away, I miss the wee girl particularly, of an evening she likes to squish into my chair with me or her Dad for hugs and I'm seriously missing my cuddles with her.   Every night at bedtime we have a little routine, she gives me a kiss and tells me she is off to bed (as if I haven't just told her it's bedtime) so I hug her and say "Don't let the bedbugs bite" and she says "if they do?" then I say, "cut them in two and give them to me in the morning!"  Then she goes to her Dad and says "Night Night Dad, I love you!" and her father says "perfectly understandable" to which her answer is always "Roger that".

So my non working evenings are feeling strangely quiet and lacking cuddles.

To keep my mind off the lack of cuddles I have been working on my top, I'm at the part where I need to concentrate and shape it so as I came off night shift yesterday, I decided last night to play around making some cuff bracelets for the wee girl.

They are fairly simple, I used left over 2 ply Milford Satin crochet cotton from the scarf project. A 1.9mm hook from my new collection of steel hooks (I HAD to use them!) and some pretty buttons and beads I got today at the craft store to finish them off.  I'll have to write down the pattern.

See my pretty buttons? I got two bags of mixed buttons at the craft store to use in crafting.  Loving the buttons!  I have all kinds, lady bugs, hearts, stars, tea pots and a bag of various sized round buttons which I used in the picture.

The wee girl is going to be so surprised when she gets home and finds a whole bunch of new things to adorn herself with.

I also got some silver plastic beads on a string, like Christmas beads only tiny.  It resembles plug chain. That's what I have used on the mauve bracelet, sewn over the joiny bits with darker purple crochet cotton.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I think it will be the first time in 15 years that I've celebrated a birthday without my children waking me with a lukewarm, over sugared, milky cup of coffee.

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