Sunday, 1 January 2012

Holidays: Hanging at home

Summer break is usually spent out of town, visiting my parents in the far North.  This year we have to remain in the city.  It's different and no less fun.

Tonights meal was bbq steak and sausages, cooked on the husband's new acquisition.  It's his belated birthday and Christmas gift.  For weeks I have been scoping out bbqs, sending him pictures on my phone and trying to find out what he wanted, today we went out together to purchase it.  The hubby thinks by bbqing he is giving me a night off cooking, not quite but I won't point out that when he bbqs the meat, I usually have to prepare 3 salads to accompany it, because I like bbq steak.

The wee girl wanted to make friendship bracelets, we found some nylon twine in various neon colours at a local discount store, got some tiny shackles at the local camping and outdoor store and the picture shows our creation.  I think I can do this better but it's a fun thing we are doing together right now.  The knots are macrame "square" knots I learned back in the late 70's when my mother discovered the craft.  We've also made her some braided soft headbands out of stretchy t shirt material to keep her hair out of her face.

I'm already crocheting another granny stripe, just a small rug for my grandmother in shades of blue and white inspired by delft pottery.  I also taught myself how to do a ripple with granny clusters.  I need some different wool to do that with though so it's going to have to wait a little while.  I still have plenty of cotton to play with and this little lap rug for my grandmother to complete.

Yesterday at the discount emporium we also got a couple of small dry erase (white boards) boards which we have put on the kids bedroom doors.  They are supposed to be for the kids and us to write reminders on for them, like take your bathing suit to school today or school trip next week.  At the moment they are being used to write silly notes and funny pictures.   Even the eldest likes them and he's usually fairly difficult to impress these days.

My favorite thing has to be this, also found at the discount emporium.  Isn't it lovely? It's a camera bag! I got it for $20.  I like to take my camera every where but I hate looking like I am out on a photo shoot or like a tourist.  Now I don't have to!  I have this shiny, retro, patent leather, bowling bag style camera bag to tote my camera in.  My toes wriggle with joy when I just thinking about carrying it!  It's OH so stylish!

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