Saturday, 26 November 2011

An artwork for the wee girls room

About a year ago, the wee girl and her brother swapped rooms.  She has moved into a room with teal blue walls and it's just not very girl like, kind of stark and boy like.

Her old room was powder blue with white clouds on the walls (her teenaged brother has come to terms with the clouds) a net/tulle curtain made of a remnant I found with silver stars on it and deeper blue curtains.  I decorated it on a budget when she was still in utero.

She wants her stamp on her new room, she's older now and she wants feminine yet fun.  I'm currently making her a new blanket in colors she likes and she recently inherited my grandmothers dressing table and tall boy, with a small corner whatnot set of shelves.

To soften the stark blue of the walls, we are changing the curtains and bringing pinks and purples into the room.  Today we embarked on an artwork for her wall.  It consists of a massive canvas about 3ft by 2ft.  We purchased a wooden J (the wee girls initial) and 6 words from Spotlight.  We are going to paint the words and glue them to the canvas.

This evening the WG and I spent a pleasant hour or so, in the warm spring evening sun on the deck painting words with their first coat.

The words are currently drying on newspaper on a cloth on my dining room table.


Laugh and Hope are the final two.
I was sitting opposite the WG at the bbq table on the deck while we painted.

Once I got the project inside I immediately noticed that the WG had painted her J backwards.  No biggie it's imminently fixable by painting the other side, I really should have checked as she still has a propensity to reverse the odd letter.

She is very excited with the project.  I will finish painting the sides (fiddly for little fingers) while she is at school tomorrow and then after school we will put 2nd coats on the fronts of the words.

We finished Sunday with new season strawberries with French Vanilla ice cream.  It almost seemed like summer!

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