Monday, 7 November 2011

Making bags

This is my third effort at the "bag" and although the first two passed muster, I think I have finally perfected working in the round.

The first two were made with stripes just like Lucy did at Attic24, one in wool and the other in 8 ply cotton.

This one is made with bamboo viscose/wool mix, a couple of balls of multi colored and a ball of baby pink.  It's lovely and soft.  I used a 3.5mm hook this time and it's made it feel thicker.

It's slightly smaller too.  17 rows without the shell edging seems to be the right proportional depth.  That is 3 rows less than the other two.

I think I will line this one, for use as a carry bag for my crochet.  That way the bag will feel a little stronger and the hooks won't poke though.  I've some spare off cut of calico somewhere around here that I was using for a photography cloth.  Having a lining will also give me something to attach the handles to.

The cotton will be a lot cooler to carry around in the summer .  I may make a larger one and line it with some sort of waterproof nylon for beach use.  I can imagine it decorated with shell buttons.

This is the yarn.  As you can see it's baby yarn.  It has a wonderful lustre and feels just beautiful as it slips through my fingers.  I will use the leftovers to make hats and booties for the new arrivals in my life.  3 of my friends from work recently had babies.

I spent most of today cleaning so tomorrow I shall only have to do a quick hour to spruce up and a load of washing.

My eldest has the day off school, so I intend to hold his xbox hostage until his room is tidy.  In the evening my youngest has a choir recital with 11 other schools so we have to be in the city by 7pm.  My darling is down in Wellington for the day and his return flight lands at 6pm so it's going to be something of a rush for him to get to the concert and meet up with us.  I also have to take one of dear daughters little friends with me.  This little girl is hyper, she doesn't have an off or mute button, so I find her company a little trying.

Wish me luck!

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