Saturday, 26 November 2011

Elections and Ukeleles

It's election day in the land of the long white cloud.  One of the advantages to having older kids is that they don't get you out of bed at some unGodly hour at the weekend.  Love of my life woke me around 10am with a cuppa.  That's why he is the love of my life.

The wee girl brought home a notice last night about her Kiwilele festival.  A couple of weeks ago we had the APPA Choir Concert and now this.

First order of business though was coffee, then voting.  We made our way up the road to a nearby polling booth and cast our votes like good citizens.  The wee girl came too and was interested to know about the process, this time we are having a referendum on the voting system so walking home, I explained the whole thing to her in the simplest of terms.

Then it was off to the Kiwilele Ukelele festival!  The wee girl has been playing for a couple of years now, she has a lovely yellow Ukelele she borrowed from her cousin and although she doesn't know it yet, she's getting a purple one for Christmas.  It's got her name on it and the words "perfectly understandable" which is what her Dad always says when we tell him we love him.

It wasn't a wonderful day weather wise, the wind was blowing and the clouds kept passing through leaving us the odd patch of sun.

Plenty of people turned out and the music was awesome.  Mostly because my wee girl was playing it!

Meantime, I've started a new blanket for the wee girls room.  So I've been doing granny stripe blankets for a long time now, but I usually do them in blocks of color, like the purple and white one in my title picture.

This one is inspired by Lucy from Attic24, she does such wonderful colorful ripples and stripes.  I'm planning to take some pics when I get enough to take a picture of.  I'm thinking a block of stripes and then blocks of each color in the stripes.  We will see how it goes.

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