Thursday, 10 November 2011

New bag all done

So, here it is.  A bag for my daughter.  It's made with the 4 ply bamboo cotton and a 3mm hook.  I finished it a couple of nights ago and then much excitement....

My husband purchased an iPhone 4s for me.  It's white and oh so pretty!  This necessitated a game of musical phones.  My iPhone 4 just over a year old went to the Husband.  His iPhone 3GS went to the son.  The sons 3G (my original iPhone which I gave him when I got my 4) went to the daughter.

Sim cards got swapped about, the 3G data got turned off on the daughters new/old phone (she's only 10 and has a prepay for emergencies) so she can't accidentally spend.  She's ultra thrilled, she can now play battleships with Dad via our wifi.  The 3G is now so old the operating system is no longer updated and the son was getting somewhat frustrated with it's slowness but the girly doesn't notice, she can listen to her music, play her games and feel oh so grown up.

We are quite the techno family.

I nearly forgot, the concert!  The girly had her big night at the town hall.  I had no idea this was such an occasion!  There was a bar, proper seating and a massed choir and orchestra.  The girl was part of the massed choir.  I got to hear my baby girl sing Vivaldi, in latin!  When the show opened with all 4 verses of God defend New Zealand, I confess, I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.  They sounded amazing.

I'm currently working on a cellphone wallet, eft pos card clutch.  More on that shortly.

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