Sunday, 6 November 2011

Um Hello?

So I guess I should explain why I am here.  Back in the mists of time my grandma taught me to crochet granny squares.  Over the years I have made the odd blanket, expanding on the knowledge she gave me to make blankets that weren't comprised of granny squares.

In June this year I was hit with vestibular neuritis.  Basically prolonged vertigo resulting from a lesion on the vestibular nerve.  The nerve that feeds information to your brain about balance amongst other things.  So I took up the hook whilst I was confined to bed and armchair unable to do much at all.  The time I had at my disposal lead me to expanding further on my very limited knowledge of crochet and I learned how to read simple patterns.  I made hats and booties like the one below.  The hat looked a little plain
so I hit google and taught myself how to make flowers!

It was getting very exciting, I was able to knock out a beanie in a couple of hours.

I wanted to learn more.

I discovered there are a plethora of sites out on the www giving inspiration to anyone who wants to learn.

So I decided I wanted to make a site too, to share my hobbies, crochet and photography and whatever else I discover along the way.

I'm currently making bags!

I got this bag pattern from Attic24 it's so easy and so fun, it makes an awesome crochet bag and I've tried it in bamboo cotton as well.

I like making things that are easy to carry about and now drag my crochet with me everywhere so the bag was a necessity.

I'd like to move on into making clothing but I need to get better at both the crochet and the pattern reading.

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