Monday, 14 November 2011


My cute little cellphone/credit/cash card holder!

Usually when I go out to the mall, for personal security reasons I carry very little.  My keys, my cash card and my cellphone.  I even have a small bag in my purse/tote for this reason.  For years I have been looking for something small and simple for this purpose.

Today I made it myself:

Isn't it scrumptious? It was so simple to make and I didn't even use a full ball of the cotton I purchased to make it.  Now I will be able to grab my stuff and go, go, go!

For those on a creative bent, this was made with Moda Vera Sombre 100% organic cotton and a 3.5mm hook in sc (single crochet) or dc (double crochet) for americans.

A foundation chain of 29 stitches 
sc in the second chain from the hook for the first row
sc every row till you reach the desired length.

To make up:

I folded both ends into the middle, leaving a 1cm gap to allow for neat folding.  I used my iPhone and a credit card to get the right sizing for each pocket.  The credit card being not as wide meant that the top flap was smaller and it looks like a purse flap rather than a wallet but that is my personal choice.

I pinned it and then sc all around to join.  Weaved the ends in et voila.  A handy dandy purslet to grab out of my bag when I am running a quick errand that doesn't require the entire handbag.

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