Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Granny Stripe Blankie

To the left there is a mauve, aubergine and white granny striped crib blanket I made for my great niece.

Granny stripes are fairly easy for a beginner and there is something comforting about crocheting a blanket in winter.  As the blanket grows you sit with it draped on your lap and hook, hook, hook.  It's rhythmic and soothing.

Granny stripes are clusters of 3 trebles (UK) or 3 double crochet stitches for our US friends.

You need to make your foundation chain in multiples of 3.  For the blanket I am currently working on, big enough for a single bed, my foundation row was 210 stitches.  That's 77 clusters with ends of two clusters so it stays nice and straight.

This one to the right is the one I am working on for the wee girls bed.  It's inspired by Lucy from Attic24's colorful granny stripes.  She has an awesome beginner tutorial.

The WG is very pleased with her blanket and constantly asks if I am done making it.  It's only about two feet long at the moment so there is a long way to go.

I am using pure wool, 8 ply and a brand called Shepherd Very Crafty which I have purchased from a local craft chain store called Spotlight.  It's machine washable on a gentle cycle.

I made a blanket for the Eldest son a couple of years ago in a basket weave pattern that is a little more complicated.  It's going strong and the WG had at the time a ripple blanket I'd made her.  Unfortunately her father threw it in the dryer and it turned into a felt dolly blanket.  So she's been longing for another blankie for a while.

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