Friday, 18 November 2011

A little nautical flavor

My latest bag.  The pattern is based on Lucy's bag,  in that the base is trebles and circular using her increase by 1 between the two trebles into one stitch method.  Then I went and modified.

I wanted it slightly smaller than my yarn bag, so I can carry my diary etc around and a little sturdier.  So I single crocheted from the base upward.

Single crochet with 8 ply bamboo viscose makes for a pliable yet sturdy bag.

To make the woven decoration I did a single row of treble every second stitch.  I crocheted a ribbon of trebles in light blue and threaded it through and tied it off with a reef knot.

I decorated it with a silver starfish charm.  I think it looks rather pretty.  It easily fits my A5 notebook and diary, pens, the wallet I made.

The colors are navy blue, light blue and a light mint green.

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